Welcome to AlaCan Group.....your trusted global trade partner.

AlaCan Group is proud to be a member of the modern forestry and agricultural industry. This industry is one of the world's oldest renewable resource and one of the first globally traded industry. Its products have a wider distribution than nearly any other, and without it, the world as we know it would be a very different place.

AlaCan Group is dedicated to the cultivation, harvesting, and propagation of this most vital resource. We employ the latest technological developments in responsible harvesting and strive to provide the largest possible variety of timber and wood products to our customers.

No customer is too large or too small for AlaCan group, and we make it a point to respond to our customer's needs in as short a time as possible. Whether you are small or large, trader or importer or an end consumer, we can assist you in getting the timber you need much more consistently and rapidly than you might imagine.

We provide full support in developing new markets and products for small mills and promote products in International shows.
We provide you with a wide range of products whether you are looking for high end clear product or economy grade products. We will provide you with the product that suits your needs that will help you expand and grow.

We at Alacan Group believe that business is not just about making deals, but about providing great products and tremendous service to our customers.
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